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How Sports Medicine Can Play a Role in Your Diet and Weight

How Sports Medicine Can Play a Role in Your Diet and Weight

Every year, millions of American athletes sustain sports injuries, ranging from mild bumps and bruises to more serious conditions. 

Sports medicine specialists are trained to handle all sorts of injuries, using state-of-the-art techniques and technology to help athletes and other active people heal and get back to the activities they love.

But treating injuries is just part of what a sports medicine doctor does. 

At Orange Orthopaedic Associates, sports medicine specialist James M. Lee Jr., MD, also helps patients avoid injuries and lead healthier lives. He uses custom-tailored sports medicine treatments and regimens based on each your unique needs. 

Injury prevention and lifestyle care includes guidance and care aimed at helping patients improve their diet and weight safely and with an eye toward maximizing fitness and overall wellness. Here’s how we can help you.

Sports medicine 101

You might think sports medicine is just for pro athletes. But sports medicine specialists help athletes of all levels: pros, college athletes, kids, and weekend warriors. 

And they provide specialized care for people of all fitness levels, including non-athletes who want to improve their wellness with fitness and health goals tailored just for their needs.

As a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Lee does treat sports injuries and design care plans aimed at helping athletes of all levels excel at their activities. But he also works with people who have physically demanding jobs, as well as patients who want to improve their activity level for better wellness as they get older.

Sports medicine includes an array of care options, depending on each person’s needs and goals, including injury treatment and prevention. 

It also focuses on your life beyond sports, including lifestyle guidance and treatments to optimize nutrition and weight, factors that can influence both your physical and emotional health and wellness.

Nutrition and weight: Keys to better health

You probably know that nutrition and weight play key roles in athletic performance. Athletes need plenty of protein, carbs, and other nutrients to maintain healthy muscle, repair tissue damage, and give their bodies the energy it needs to achieve peak performance. 

And nutritional needs vary from one athlete to another based on their sport, their underlying health, and other factors. 

All of these issues affect non-athletes, too. Weight management and good nutrition reduce the risk of many chronic medical issues, like arthritis, diabetes, and obesity. Plus, they enable people of all ages to optimize their wellness and activity levels for a better quality of life.

In fact, sports medicine specialists like Dr. Lee are skilled in tailoring lifestyle treatment regimens aimed at providing the best nutrition and activity for people of all walks of life, beginning with a deep understanding of your goals. 

At your initial visit, Dr. Lee reviews your medical history, your lifestyle, and your objectives, in addition to performing a physical exam, so he can tailor a regimen just for you. As you work toward your goals, check-in visits keep your plan on track and help you identify new goals to keep your health in tune with your age and other factors.

Learn how sports medicine can help you

Whether you compete against a team, an individual, or just yourself, physical activity provides not only a lot of health benefits, but a significant amount of enjoyment, too. Working with a sports medicine doctor like Dr. Lee can help you avoid injury and get the most from the activities you love.

To learn how Dr. Lee can help you tap into your maximum potential, book an appointment online or over the phone at Orange Orthopaedic Associates today. Our offices are located in West Orange and Bayonne, New Jersey.

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