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The Truth About ACL Tears

Do you think you tore your ACL? Learn about this common knee injury and the best treatment options.

Sep 17th, 2020
Does Your Pain Require Medical Attention?

Where does it hurt? We all experience pain at some point in our lives. Not all pain is bad, but when is pain bad enough that you should see a doctor? Read on to find out.

Aug 19th, 2020
Is Sports Medicine Only for Competitive Athletes?

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, about to go pro, or your tennis club’s senior champion, a sports medicine physician can help you perform better and prevent injuries as well as treat you if you get injured.

Mar 4th, 2020
The Most Common Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Sports are fun to play, but they can also be hard on your body. One moment, you’re having a blast on the field. The next moment, you’re sidelined with an injury. Here are the most common sports injuries and how you can avoid them.

Dec 1st, 2019
Bad Habits That Could Be Contributing to Your Knee Pain

Knee pain is extremely frustrating, but did you know that some bad habits and basic parts of your lifestyle may be contributing to it? Making some changes to your approach and your mindset can help your knees start feeling better.

Nov 1st, 2019
What Is Recovery Like After Hip Replacement Surgery?

Patients who undergo hip replacement surgery can achieve life-changing outcomes, but a lot happens between the time they leave the hospital and return to normal activities. Find out what’s involved in recovering from this major procedure.

Oct 1st, 2019
Myths and Facts About PRP Therapy for Injuries

If you’re confused about the benefits of using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for injuries, read on. We’ll clarify some common myths about PRP and set the record straight about the benefits of this innovative treatment.

Sep 1st, 2019
Getting Active Again After an ACL Tear

A torn ACL is no laughing matter — especially if you’re an active person and you’re itching to get back to the hobbies and sports you love. With the help of an ACL expert, you can trust you’ll be back in the game sooner than you thought possible.

Jul 10th, 2019
How Sports Medicine Can Keep You at the Top of Your Game

Sports medicine isn’t just about recovering from injuries. Working with a sports physician like Dr. Lee can help you improve your athletic performance and compete at your highest level while minimizing your risk of injury.

Jun 1st, 2019
How to Tell If You are Suffering From a Rotator Cuff Injury

If you’ve suffered a rotator cuff injury, you know it’s painful. You may have a dull ache in your shoulder or even a sharp, shooting pain. But the worst part might be that a rotator cuff injury can keep you from your favorite sleeping position.

May 1st, 2019
What You Should Know About Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Nagging knee pain can have an incredibly widespread impact on your life, but the thought of surgery may leave you cold. With arthroscopy, however, we can remedy the problem, quickly and easily, using advanced minimally invasive techniques.

Apr 8th, 2019
The First Steps to Dealing with Hip Pain

Your hips are prone to injury and disease that can slow you down or stop you in your tracks. Learn what causes hip pain, and what strategies you can take to find the relief you need.

Feb 4th, 2019
Why Female Athletes Are More Prone to ACL Injuries

ACL injuries are common among athletes, but as it turns out, they're especially common among women. Regardless of your gender, there are some important steps you can take to prevent injury. Learn what you can do to help keep your knees healthy.

Dec 20th, 2018
Posterior Versus Anterior Hip Replacement: Get the Facts

Every year, hip replacement surgery helps thousands of people get back on their feet - and back to their normal activities. Anterior hip surgery is becoming the standard, and for good reason: It offers significant benefits to most patients.

Nov 14th, 2018
The Amazing Benefits of PRP for Aging Joints

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is an innovative procedure often used by athletes to speed the healing of damaged tissues. Can PRP help relieve pain and restore movement for older patients with aging joints?

Oct 31st, 2018
Life After Rotator Cuff Surgery: How to Speed Your Recovery

To speed up your recovery after rotator cuff surgery, you’ll need to do some advanced planning and be prepared with a healing mindset that carries you through rehabilitation. Check out these tips for optimizing your recovery from shoulder surgery.

Sep 13th, 2018
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